• 11.9.14

      Mapping the Terrible Lost Nightclubs of London

      When a friend showed me a forum thread detailing some of London's lost, dreadful clubs, I found myself through the looking glass of a time before student promoters and Uber discount codes.

    • 7.15.13

      Why Is Anti-Muslim Violence Only Now Being Classed as Terrorism?

      Last Friday, a nail bomb exploded outside a mosque in the West Midlands town of Tipton. The blast came about an hour after the funeral of army drummer Lee Rigby—the latest in a broad series of attacks on Britain's Muslim community since the soldier's...

    • 5.24.13

      What Does Terrorism Mean in 2013?

      Glenn Greenwald is a journalist, lawyer, and security expert who was partly responsible for former CIA official John Brennan not being made the Director of the CIA and forcing a UN investigation into the treatment of Bradley Manning. I called him up to...

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