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Dilma Rousseff is no longer Brazil's president

The Brazilian senate’s vote to impeach the country’s first female president for breaking budgetary laws comes amid a wider political crisis over corruption, and a deep economic recession.


Dilma Rousseff: Impeachment trial has 'bitter taste' of torture

Brazil’s suspended president mounted a defiant and emotional defense of her presidency on Monday during the senate impeachment trial that is due to decide whether to oust her for good.


Cash for Kim: How North Koreans Are Working Themselves to Death in Europe

A VICE investigation has uncovered how North Koreans are working as forced laborers in the heart of Europe, with their wages directly filling Kim Jong-un's coffers with foreign currency.


Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff to Face Trial After Senate Votes to Impeach Her

In an expected but historic moment for Latin America, Brazil's president has been removed from office and will face an impeachment trial, in what her supporters describe as a coup.


This Could Be Dilma Rousseff's Final Day In Office as Brazil's President

Brazil's senate has opened the session in which senators are expected to vote to impeach Rousseff, the country’s first female president, for allegedly manipulating the national accounts.


President Rousseff's Likely Impeachment Will Push Brazil to the Right

With Rousseff almost certain to lose the upcoming impeachment vote in the senate on May 11, her controversial vice president, Michel Temer, is preparing to take over the job and promising austerity measures when he does.


North Korea's Ruling Party Has Set a Date for Its First Congress in 36 Years

South Korea's military said it appears that the North is prepared to conduct a fifth nuclear test "at any time" ahead of the conference next month.


Dilma Rousseff Is Close to Being Impeached, but Not All Brazilians Hate Her

Massive anti-government demonstrations led by the middle classes hide the stories of many Brazilians, particularly among the poor, who still support Rousseff or see little credible alternative.


Brazilians Come Out in Droves to Support Rousseff's Scandal-Plagued Government

It's been a disastrous month for the ruling government, but protesters across the country flocked to the streets in an attempt to blow wind into the sails of an administration that many have already declared a sinking ship.


Brazil’s Political Crisis Is Reaching Breaking Point

President Rousseff’s efforts to block impeachment with the help of former president Lula have backfired, as he is now implicated in a corruption probe involving dozens of politicians. Mass protests have increased the pressure.


President Rousseff Is Bringing Back Lula as She Fights Impeachment and He Fights Arrest

Lula will become Rousseff’s chief of staff as Brazil’s political crisis appears to be reaching a head. His new job will also provide temporary protection from arrest on corruption charges.


Police Question Brazil's Ex-President Lula for Four Hours in Petrobras Scandal Probe

The dramatic events directly tie Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the Operation Car Wash investigation into a massive bribes and money laundering scandal involving the state-run oil company that has already led to the arrest of Brazilian politicians.