Gender Pay Gap

Pay inequality between men and women is way worse than anyone thought, new study says

Women earn 80 cents for every dollar men earn, right? It's actually more like 49 cents.
Rex Santus
Equal Pay

Iceland Announces Plan to Enforce Equal Pay Across All Companies

"The fact that the Icelandic government is taking this action represents an endorsement of the importance of gender equity. The government is leading by example, showing that it recognizes that what's good for women is good for men, business...
Kimberly Lawson
A Day Without A woman

These 7 occupations would suffer most if all women really went on strike

Louisa Oreskes
Carter Sherman
Criminal Justice

Criminal records are keeping millions of men out of the workforce — and it's hurting the economy

Matt Phillips
Kathleen Caulderwood

Women Who Put Their Careers First Just As Unlikely to Get Jobs in STEM Fields

Research from a new study suggests that the lack of women in STEM fields likely has little to do with women putting family before their careers.
Kimberly Lawson

Ex-Cons Remember Their Worst Jobs After Being Released from Prison

From a gig as a farm hand that involved fixing a cow's prolapsed vagina, to a job that involved picking up trash while walking through raw sewage.
Seth Ferranti

Massachusetts pushes equal pay for women by banning questions about past salaries

The measure, which was signed into law this week and will take effect in December 2018, is the first of its kind at the state level.
Kayla Ruble
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Bernie Sanders Gave Striking Verizon Workers a Pep Talk

Sanders hung out with Verizon strikers in Brooklyn Wednesday, and also snagged an endorsement from the local union for subway workers ahead of the April 19 New York primary.
Helen Donahue
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Undocumented Immigrants Are More Likely to Have a Job Than American-Born Men, Says Study

Undocumented immigrants are also willing to work for less, according to the new study from Harvard.
Helen Donahue
on the line

On The Line: Andrew Glazer Discusses Labor Exploitation

VICE News’ Senior Producer Andrew Glazer joined 'On The Line' to discuss exploitative labor practices in Japan and Cambodia.
the business of life

How the US Workforce is Changing - The Business of Life (Episode 1)

How does the new landscape of the US workforce affect us? We break down the issue in the first episode of 'The Business of Life.'
Business of Life

How the U.S. Workforce is Changing - The Business of Life (Season 1, Episode 1)

As income inequality increases, the growing millennial workforce is redefining what they want out of a job.