working class


This Barbershop Manager Is the Last Real New Yorker

A new documentary short by the Instagram hotshot Nicolas Heller shows it's never too late to pick up a hobby.
Alex Norcia
Midterm Elections

Meet Kerri Harris, the Working Class Senate Candidate Who Knows She'll Win

Kerri Harris is a queer woman of color and first-time candidate trying to deliver the next shock to the Democratic establishment with her Delaware Senate campaign.
Marie Solis

Young People of Color Are the Future of America's Workforce

The U.S. racial leadership gap is widening right in front of our faces, and the key to expediting change starts with enabling our young people of color.
Yulkendy Valdez and Josuel Plasencia

What Call Centers Can Tell Us About Bleakness and Resistance in the Modern Workplace

Nobody likes being cold called, but spare a thought for the person on the other end of the phone who doesn't want to be there either.
Kit Caless
Tunisian food

This Fiery Tunisian Soup Is Not for the Faint of Heart

A gutbomb of chickpeas, stale bread, eggs, and a whole lot of harissa, lablabi is a favorite of the Tunisian working class.
Thessa Lageman
short circuit

‘Luxury’ San Francisco Commuter Bus Service Leap Is Bankrupt

Leap had been dormant since city regulators halted operations in May.
Nicholas Deleon

How Spicy Beef Tripe Soup Became a Mexican-American Breakfast Staple

Picky Mexican-American Millennials call menudo a comfort breakfast food, especially after a night of drinking. And the reason why may lie in its working-class roots.
Nathan Solis

This Bill Could Save the Jobs of California's Grocery Store Workers

A new bill signed by California Governor Jerry Brown will protect grocery store workers from getting fired in the case of a change of ownership or corporate merger.
Javier Cabral

What’s Behind Melbourne’s Love Affair With the Milk Crate?

You know the look instantly: Unpolished timber, peeling paint, some Edison lightbulbs, and a slew of plastic crates picked up for nothing from an alley somewhere.
Alan Weedon

Dusty Rhodes is Dead. Long Live Dusty Rhodes.

Rhodes was not only a great wrestler and great talker, but a real life working class hero.
Ian Williams
Election '15

Meeting the Communists and Anarchists at London's May Day Protest

Election '15 has been defined by UKIP's rise on the right wing of Britain's political spectrum—what's happening on the left?
Gavin Haynes

Author Caitlin Moran in (Drunken) Conversation with Sophie Heawood – Part One

Talking body image, sex, cat piss, and walking in on Damien Hirst taking a shit.
Sophie Heawood