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How Working in Retail Made Me Hate Humanity

"This woman ripped the changing room curtain open and then just watched as her toddler puked up his lunch. She then took one of the shirts hanging over her arm and cleaned the kid's face off with it."


​'Superstore' Succeeds by Shedding a Light on Service Workers

NBC's Superstore stands out from the typical workplace comedies by focusing on the real struggles of the retail worker.


We Asked People About the First Time They Got Fired

"I was hacking away, and then the sound changed and I looked down and I was just sawing into my own thumb. There was blood everywhere."


Stealing Exotic Pets, Rigging the Drive-Thru, and Other Stories of Workplace Scams

Sometimes low-level crime is the only way to survive a menial job.


Things You Learn Working Retail During the Holidays

Christmastime turns an already-awful job into an actual nightmare.


Scenes from the True Religion Store in 2007: The Peak of Noughties Hyperconsumption

Back then, I thought True Religion was the epitome of sophistication. To pay $167 for a pair of jeans had to be cosmopolitan.