What if My Jello-Ass Body is Too Weak for the Gym?

The gym is an intimidating place, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. A Swole Woman helps a jogger figure out where to even start.
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Baking Soda Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Adding baking soda to your pre-workout ritual could up your endurance, especially when it comes to certain types of exercise.
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Weight Machines Still Deserve a Place in Your Workout

If they're good enough for Arnold, they're good enough for you.
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Don't Work Out On Thanksgiving. Just Don't.

The only sweat you should break today is in the kitchen.
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Saying 'Fuck' During Exercise Makes You Stronger, Study Says

Researchers found that people exert more physical power if they swear while they work out.
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The Perfect Workout Is Here: This Gym Offers 'Sleeping' as an Exercise Class

Start by squatting low to the ground, so low that you sit. Now lie down. Now sleep.
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A Shamelessly Superficial Workout for Men

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