Workplace Harassment


Work Sucks, Especially When People Get Your Pronouns Wrong

Seven trans and non-binary people share what it's like to be misgendered at work, and what to do about it.
Mary Retta

Time's Up Broke GoFundMe Record Raising Money for Victims of Harassment

The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund raised $22 million in the last year for victims of sexual assault and workplace harassment who can't afford legal assistance.
Marie Solis
sexual harassment

McDonald's Workers Strike Across the Country to Protest Sexual Harassment

McDonald's workers in 10 cities walked out of work on Tuesday, calling on the fast-food franchise to take workplace harassment more seriously.
Marie Solis
sexual harassment

Your Contract at Work Might Prevent You from Suing Over Sexual Harassment

Over 60 million Americans have signed contracts with mandatory arbitration clauses, which prevent them from suing their employers over illegal treatment—many without realizing.
Sejal Singh

#MeToo Is Creating a 'Ripple Effect' for Domestic and Farm Workers

Two leading organizers against harassment in domestic and farm work discuss harnessing the power of #MeToo to help give women the courage to fight for each other.
June Barrett
Mily Treviño-Sauceda

Brett Rossi: When Will Sex Workers Get Our #MeToo Moment?

I came forward with abuse allegations against Charlie Sheen in 2015 but was dismissed as a gold-digging porn star. Even in the era of #MeToo, voices survivors in the sex industry are left largely unheard.
Brett Rossi

Fighting Silicon Valley Sexism as a Queer Woman

After years of navigating the industry's insidious "Boys Club" culture, Leanne Pittsford founded the organization Lesbians Who Tech to combat the unique sexism queer women face in the workplace.
Linda Yang

The Unsettling Spectacle of Addressing Abuse at Hollywood's 'Party of the Year'

"We have a lot to talk about," read a tagline for this year's Golden Globes. But most men in attendance didn't get the memo—and certain alleged abusers weren't discussed at all.
Callie Beusman
sexual harassment

Speaking Up About Sexual Misconduct at Work Is Only the Start

Despite the recent outpouring of sexual misconduct allegations, the vast majority of individuals harassed at work rarely report it, and those who do often face retaliation. So what can workplaces do to more effectively fight harassment?
Kimberly Lawson
reproductive rights

Anti-Choice Congressman Reportedly Offered Aide $5 Million to Carry His Child

Ultra-conservative Rep. Trent Franks, who obsessively attacks women's right to choose, reportedly asked female staffers if they'd act as surrogates for him—and they worried he wanted to impregnate them through sex.
Kimberly Lawson
sexual assault

Models Have No Real Recourse When They're Sexually Harassed On Set

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, models have begun speaking out about sexual abuse in the fashion industry, where young and vulnerable women and men are too often exploited. A proposed law in New York would help change that.
Gabby Bess
sexual assault

Customs Agents Accused of Ritualized Sexual Assault on 'Rape Table' at Airport

Three Newark Airport employees say that assailants play the "Jackass" theme song during assaults, and that the abuse has been happening for years.
Diana Tourjée