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Bicycle Ambulances Helped Cut the Malaria Death Rate in Zambia by 96 Percent

For families living in rural communities, traveling to the nearest health center can be an hours-long trek.


Why a Zika Vaccine Will Come Much Faster Than the Ebola Vaccine Did

Scientists have been sharing data and collaborating to develop a vaccine at a breakneck pace.


If We Can Make a Zika Vaccine, Why Can't We Make One for Malaria?

Developing a malaria vaccine is a feat that faces both technical and financial challenges.


CDC Doctor Says There’s No Question Zika Is Linked to Microcephaly

Efforts are now turning to preventing, and new concerns over links for paralysis-causing syndrome.


A Group of 2,000 Pregnant Colombian Women Could Help Crack the Mystery of Zika

The link between Zika and microcephaly has not been confirmed, but following these women through their pregnancies will provide a wealth of information.


Scientists Still Can’t Say Zika Causes Microcephaly

The more we understand this condition and the virus, the more questions arise about the relationship between the two.


World Health Organization Declares the Zika Outbreak an International Emergency

The designation, only used three times before, indicates the severity of the situation.


Six Questions About the Zika Virus, Answered

The previously obscure disease has been making headlines, so what gives?


The Little-Known Virus Causing a Panic Over Infant Brain Deformities in Brazil

The crisis is stark example of how difficult it still is to predict and control an epidemic.


There's a Rabies Vaccine But 59,000 People Still Die From It Every Year

The WHO wants the world to double down on fighting rabies, and finally end the disease.


How Ancient Chinese Remedies and a Secret Research Program Led to a Nobel Prize

The discovery of artemisinin based drugs has saved millions around the globe from dying of malaria.