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WHO Says the Problem With Child Screen Time Isn't the Screens, It's Being Sedentary

The new World Health Organization guidelines for children under five recommend limiting screen time—only if it means kids are sedentary for more than an hour.
Caroline Haskins

Air Pollution Killed 600,000 Children in 2016, According to WHO Report

The World Health Organization found that 1.8 billion people under 15 are at risk of respiratory infections due to contaminated air.
Becky Ferreira
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Why Did the Trump Administration Oppose a Global Breastfeeding Initiative?

Government delegates thought the resolution would pass without a hitch before U.S. officials reportedly threatened at least one country with sanctions if they didn't remove pro-breastfeeding language.
Marie Solis

The Case for Calling Gaming Addiction a ‘Disorder’ Is Weaker Than it Seems

"Now is not the time to pathologize one of the most popular leisure activities of the digital age."
Amy Orben
Andy Przybylski
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Why Gaming Addiction Could Be Classified as a Disease

The World Health Organization is considering adding "gaming disorder" to its International Classification of Diseases.
VICE Staff
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Is Excessive Gaming a Disease? The WHO Is Considering Listing It as One

The World Health Organization is updating its International Classification of Diseases.
Kaleigh Rogers
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40,000 Door-to-Door Volunteers are Taking on the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis

After years of local armed conflict, a volunteer campaign is combatting a cholera crisis in Yemen.
Alice Rowsome

Car-Free Transportation Could Vastly Improve the Health and Economy of the US

Governments can use car-free transportation as another strategy to address broader social concerns like health, safety, and cost of living.
Krysia Solheim
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44 Cities Have Pledged Their Commitment to a Global Clean Air Campaign

In some cities, you are more likely to die from air pollution than from car accidents. The Breathe Life Campaign has the potential to change both of those risk factors.
Emily Weitz

France is Fighting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement With Actual Science

President Emmanuel Macron's newly appointed health minister just issued mandatory vaccinations as a way to crack down on resurgent anti-vaccination campaigns.
Alexis Chemblette

Turkey Will Now Let Syrian Doctors Treat Refugees Legally

After working illegally in their new country of residence, select MDs will get accredited.
Daniel Shkolnik
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Mature Ladies Showed Us How to Protest Climate Change

They brought homemade Earth-shaped cookies to the protest.
Philippe Stalder