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The Stats Behind Joey Chestnut Eating Too Many Goddamn Hot Dogs

That's a stupid amount of hot dogs.
Liam Daniel Pierce
letter from the editor

Welcome to the Future of Food Week on MUNCHIES

Every day this week, we’ll explore where restaurants, dining, and our food systems sit at the dinner table of the future.
Helen Hollyman
food waste

Olympic Athletes' Leftover Food Is Being Used to Feed Rio’s Poor

Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and social entrepreneur David Hertz have launched a scheme for surplus Olympic Village food to be turned into meals for Rio’s favelas.
Daisy Meager

A New Global Report Says That One Third of People Are Malnourished

The 2016 Global Nutrition Report, written by more than 100 food policy experts worldwide, has found that many countries suffer from “serious levels” of both undernutrition and obesity.
Daisy Meager

Why the Future of Food Is Bugs

A new documentary hopes to convince you that eating insects can be delicious and nutritious.
Simon Davis

GIF Six-Pack: World Food Day

Food GIFs remind you to donate on #WorldHungerDay.
Beckett Mufson

The Man Who Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again Is Probably Going to Be a Billionaire Soon

Rob Rhinehart's hobby of <a href=>eating nothing but a smoothie that looks like semen</a> has become a career thanks to a crowd-funded campaign that gave him $800,000 to produce his product...
Monica Heisey