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Is Portugal’s Monster Wave Now Legit in the Eyes of Surfing’s Elite?

With its first World Surf League-sanctioned tour event in the books, Nazaré is no longer just a photo-op.
Hans Aschim
world surf league

Parity Meets Progression: Looking at Pay Equality in the World of Pro Surfing

The figures might surprise you.
Mimi LaMontagne

Like it or not, the Brazilian Storm Has Taken Over Pro Surfing

Once considered fringe competitors, the new crop of Brazilian surfers is now poised to own the WSL. And not everyone is psyched about it.
Saxon Baird
eddie would go

“When I find out the Eddie’s going to run, I’m scared”

The annual Eddie Aikau invitational surf competition at Waimea Bay is one of surfing’s most exclusive and terrifying contests, even for rock stars like Jamie O’Brien.
Hans Aschim
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John John Florence's Next Set

Producing his film View From a Blue Moon, which released today, took three years and distracted his focus from the competition circuit. Now he’s looking to win.
Matthew Giles
leveling the playing field

The Long Fight for Women’s Parity in Action Sports

From surfing to cycling to skateboarding, women make less money and have fewer opportunities than men. Athletes and organizations are working for change, but barriers remain.
Mary Catherine O'Connor

Small Waves in Virginia Generate Big Money for the Surf Industry

While some of the world’s best surfers are lining up in Tahiti this weekend, the oldest surf competition in the country supports a huge East Coast fan base.
Chris Cote

Surfing After a Shark Attack

Mike Fanning became the most famous surfer in the world when a video of his encounter with a shark went viral. Is he ready to get back in the water?
Chris Cote