World War III


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Eminem slams Trump, at least 17 people killed in Californian wildfires, Trump said to have asked for massive increase in nuclear stockpile, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

GOP Senator blasts Trump for potentially putting US "on the path to World War III," hundreds of thousands rally against independence for Catalonia from Spain, and more.


Vlogger Starts World War III (Sort Of)

The YouTuber behind the science channel Veritasium got to pretend to blow up the world at a decommissioned nuclear launch site in Arizona.


Moscow Is Having Second Thoughts About Giving Up the Baltic States

Russia's prosecutor-general is reviewing the sovereignty of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania after lawmakers said the three tiny countries were illegally granted independence when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s.


World War III Will Be Less High-Tech Than Anyone Imagines

'Ghost Fleet' is a sci-fi novel about World War III based on fact.


What Will World War III Look Like?

Radio Motherboard discusses the next major global conflict—and takes a look at how we might have already witnessed its beginning.


The Art of World War III

Posters and propaganda from the future.


Babes and Dated Machine Guns at the Black Sea Defense Convention

It doesn't look like Romania has what it takes to fight Russia in the event of WWIII.