World War Two

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A Bunch of People Got Naked and Slaughtered a Sheep at Auschwitz

They then chained themselves to the camp's front gate before authorities arrested them.
Brian Moylan
one world war and one european cup

Liverpool and The Liberation Of Rome: Remembering Bob Paisley’s Italian Campaigns

When Liverpool won the 1977 European Cup final in Rome, Bob Paisley had been there before. That was just over 30 years previous, when he rode into the city on the back of a tank.
Will Magee
Rio 2016

How The Paralympics Came To Be: Remembering The International Stoke Mandeville Games

Before the modern Paralympics, there were the International Stoke Mandeville Games. They were born out of a world at war, and changed perceptions of disability for good.
Will Magee

What It’s Like to Make Cheese on a Secret Swedish Military Base

An hour outside Gothenburg, Sofia and her mother Sivan’s cheese shop sits on a former secret air base, used by the Swedish air force to store jet fuel during World War Two.
Nell Frizzell

Russian Grave Robbers

A group of "black diggers" have come together to illegally unearth the remains of World War II soldiers and sell the military artifacts.
VICE Staff

The Bone Hunter

VICE Japan traveled to Malica, where 4,600 Japanese soldiers and 3,200 American soldiers were killed on the battlefield, and where local "bone hunters" are still searching for the soldiers' remains.
VICE Staff

If at First You Don’t Secede: The Push for Westralia

As Scotland votes on independence, an unlikely coalition of billionaire miners and xenophobic libertarians want Western Australia to follow suit.
Max Opray
Motherboard Blog

Hemp Against Hitler: How Cannabis Helped America Win World War II

Seventy-seven years ago today, nearly 95 percent of registered German voters turned out at the polls to give 38 million votes (or, 90 percent of the vote) to Adolf Hitler. From Reich Chancellor to Führer, Hitler now brandished absolute power by the...
Brian Anderson