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Dingball - 'Boogerbeard'

Dingball has a very sexy new dog friend. TB has a very luxurious beard made of mucus.


Dingball - 'Turdswallo Blackteef Becomes a Worm'

In the new episode of Patrick Kyle's weekly run of comics on VICE, we see his characters transform and then transform again for one final time.


Dingball - 'Dingball and TB Draw Their Feelings'

T.B. and his weird duck friend decide to draw their inner worlds. What they express is, unsurprisingly, stupid.


Dingball - 'Farting the Babysitter's Moustache Off'

TB and Dinball have decided to play a trick on their sleeping babysitter. What a kooky comic.


Dingball Breaks the Grandpa

T.B.'s grandfather is coming to visit and Dingball vows to take care of him always.



This week, Patrick Kyle's cartooning eye turns towards Turdswallo and Dingball, two lovable goofs.


Vigilante in 'Now I'm Just a Regular Man'

Vigilante is tired of being a superhero. He just wants to be a regular man and improve his self image. Read a funny, strange and pretty story by Canadian comics gem Patrick Kyle.


Comic Artist Patrick Kyle Has a New Weekly Strip on VICE

Today we premiered Patrick Kyle's first weekly comic on VICE, so I decided to check in with him to see how he's doing. It turns out that the way he is doing is feeling incredibly irritated with me.


Vigilante: Sidekick Hunt

Vigilante is a superhero and he needs a sidekick, but all the hopeful talent is sorely wanting.