Wrongful convictions

Case dismissed

21,587 drug cases headed for dismissal after Mass. chemist falsified evidence for years

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts said it will be the largest dismissal of wrongful convictions as a result of one case in U.S. history.
Rex Santus

Amanda Knox: Why Do Innocent Women Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit?

Very little is known about how different genders experience criminal investigations differently—but is it time for this to change?
Amanda Marie Knox
Vice Blog

Was an Innocent Man Sent to Prison for Killing a Cop 46 Years Ago?

Cleve Heidelberg says his only mistake on a fateful night in 1970 was lending his car to a cop killer. Forty-six years later, he's still in prison.
Charlotte Silver
the vice reader

What It's Like to Get Exonerated of Murder After 21 Years in Prison

Relief, gratitude, paranoia, and keeping a butcher's knife under your pillow.
Alison Flowers
Life Inside

When Your Job Is to Help Free a Wrongfully Convicted Murderer

Inside an investigator's hunt for a key witness that could prove someone innocent.
Lorea Gillespie

What It's Like to Be Falsely Branded a Satanic Child Molester

I spoke to four lesbians who got railroaded into prison during a national panic spiked with homophobia.
Chase Madar

What Life Is Like After 46 Years on Death Row

Iwao Hakamada spent 46 years on death row for a crime he didn't commit. After his release in 2014, at age 78, director Kim Sungwoong documented his reintroduction to the outside.
Cherry Casey

What Happens When the Government Takes 20 Years of Your Life

A man who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault reflects on the suicide of a fellow exoneree and how the system fails people like them.
Jarrett Adams

How a Broken System Kept an Innocent Man Behind Bars for 25 Years

An intellectually-disabled man who was already on crutches from a previous shooting somehow got fingered for a woman's murder. Then he was failed by his own lawyers and shady prosecutors.
Allie Conti

An Alabama Man's Long, Nightmarish Quest for a New Murder Trial

Bill Kuenzel was convicted of murder in 1988 despite witnesses saying his co-worker was at the scene of the crime. 27 years later, will he get another hearing?
Eric Forman

We Asked an Exoneration Expert About 'Making a Murderer' and America's True Crime Obsession

Samuel Gross, law professor and editor of the National Registry of Exonerations, explains how pervasive misconduct is in America's criminal justice system.
Lauren Messman

How a Wrongful Conviction Traumatized a Canadian Family for Generations

Tanya Olivares was nine when her father went to prison. She wouldn't see him again for 27 years.
Jake Kivanc