Dark Mode Isn’t ‘Easier on the Eyes’ for Everybody

Apple’s new dark mode for iOS 13 can save battery life, but it won’t save everyone's eyes from screen strain.
Samantha Cole
Mac Pro

Apple Announces the Upgradable Mac Pro Everyone Has Desperately Wanted for Years

Apple throws the "trash can" Mac Pro in the trash and returns to its ugly, glorious cheese grater tower design.
Jason Koebler
WWDC 2018

Apple's Memoji Is Copying Bitmoji and Snapchat

Apple’s newest texting feature, Memoji, looks like a Bitmoji ripoff.
Sarah Emerson
WWDC On The Brain

Apple's WWDC, Distilled

It took over two hours for Apple to go through six big announcements. We can break it down for you in a fraction of the time.
Jason Cross
Smart Speakers for Everyone

Apple Thinks You’ll Pay Double for Its Smart Home Speaker

Apple is positioning HomePod as a premium music device, with a price tag to match.
Jason Cross
short circuit

Apple Is De-Jobsing, And Opening Up

Steve Jobs’ famous drive for end-to-end control of Apple’s products helped to create and define one of the most successful companies in the world. Now, Apple is finally opening up—and that’s good news.
Brian Merchant
short circuit

What to Take Away From Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s latest developer conference brought some major changes to the software that powers the iPhone and the Mac.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

How the Apple App Store Went from ‘Impossible Thought’ to Job Creator

Motherboard has spent the past several days talking to developers and Apple to better understand the impact of the App Store in the lead up to WWDC.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Why an API for Siri Could Finally Unlock Its Full Potential

An API could help Siri better compete against voice control upstarts like the Amazon Echo.
David Bixenspan

Apple Music Doesn't Look Like the Spotify Killer it Wants to Be

The new streaming service has some extra bells and whistles, but no exclusive music.
Jason Koebler
Noisey Blog

Sony Music CEO: Apple to Unveil Its Streaming Service Tomorrow

Big news is set to drop at tomorrow's Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference.
Noisey Staff
Motherboard Blog

Even in 3D, Google's New Map is Underwhelming

They look like cut-scenes from the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. It’s not. This is Google Earth, reimagined in glorious real-time 3D, available soon on your mobile phone. It’s Google at its finest, another earnest step in the company’s quest to...