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Kurt Angle's WWE Documentary is as Real as Pro Wrestling Gets

WWE's wrestler documentaries create telling moments of hyperreality, where things become so real yet so obviously artificial that viewers can’t tell the difference.
Ian Williams
Donald Trump

Why Trump Tagged Linda McMahon to Lead Small Business Administration

Donald Trump tagged in a wealthy donor and long-time friend, selecting WWE shareholder Linda McMahon to run the Small Business Administration.
Oliver Lee Bateman

How Pro Wrestling Fans Watched Foreign Matches Before the Internet

Back in the day you had to suffer to watch fake fighting.
Bryan Rose
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How ‘WWE 2K17’ Fixes the Series’ Longstanding Animation Awkwardness

How does an annual video game franchise improve itself from year to year? 2K gave Motherboard a hands-on look at WWE 2K17, and here’s what we found.
Kevin Wong
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One Change Could Make the WWE Network a Cord Cutter's Dream Come True

The addition of Raw and SmackDown would make the WWE Network even more attractive to fans without cable.
Brandon Howard Thurston
Motherboard Blog

Fans Shake Their Fists at WWE Over WrestleMania Streaming Woes

Live online streaming is still in its infancy, but that’s no excuse for missing Shane McMahon jump off the top of a cage.
Nicholas Deleon
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T-Mobile Customers Can Now Watch YouTube Without Using Data

Be mindful of the hidden costs of “free” video.
Nicholas Deleon
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All T-Mobile Users Just Had Their Video Streaming Quality Degraded

I’m mainly disappointed that a decision was made on my behalf.
Nicholas Deleon
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The WWE Network Is No Longer Ignoring Old School Wrestling Fans

Let’s just watch Ric Flair promos all day.
Nicholas Deleon

Professional Wrestling Has Been Ruined By Ego and Bureaucracy

After years on top, WWE feels more repetitive and stale than it has for decades.
James Nolan