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The Best Games of 2017: Day 1

This year saw players commanding troops, exploring labyrinths, flying through the air, going home, and (of course) crying.
Rob Zacny
Dante Douglas
Carli Velocci
Jack de Quidt
Janine Hawkins
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'XCOM 2' Became a Great Game by Embracing Excess

By putting a face on its enemies and allies, 'War of the Chosen' finally makes a once-lackluster campaign feel heroic.
Rob Zacny

Not Every Good Video Game Can Make Your 2016 List

How do 'The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine,' 'Dishonored 2,' and other amazing games get left behind? You gotta cut someone.
Patrick Klepek
Senior Superlatives

Most Committed, Biggest Overachiever, and More Day 3 Superlatives

We know what you're going to say about the Head from 'Headlander.' Trust us. We know. We just disagree, fundamentally.
Austin Walker

‘XCOM 2’ Is Destined to Be a Strategy Gaming Classic

Firaxis Games' sequel to 2012's "Enemy Unknown" is brilliant and unforgiving.
Sam White
VICE vs Video games

Welcome Back, Commander: A Conversation with Firaxis About ‘XCOM 2’

Turn-based strategy has never been so hyped, so here's the lowdown on what to expect from the upcoming sci-fi tactical shooter.
Andrew Edney
VICE vs Video games

Going Guerrilla in ‘XCOM 2’ Is the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to the Series

The planet isn't the way you left it in "Enemy Unknown"—the aliens have invaded, and now the line between "good" and "bad" is looking decidedly blurry.
Jake Tucker