This Montana Republican's Insane Campaign Ad Is Racist as Hell

Former judge Russ Fagg warns voters in his state about the famous and well-known direct pipeline from El Salvador to Helena.
Luke O'Neil
Far-Right Extremism

The Extreme Right Is More Global Than Ever

A new study suggests the far right is one step ahead of efforts to counter its message.
Mack Lamoureux

'The Night Of' Was a Win, Just Not for Brown People

I couldn’t be happier for Riz Ahmed’s Emmy win, but it comes with a caveat.
Noel Ransome
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in America's Biggest Cities, Study Finds

For the first time in more than a decade, the number of hate crimes in the US shot up two years in a row.
Drew Schwartz
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Refugee Rescue Boat Tries to Rescue Stranded Anti-Refugee Activists

"To help those who are in distress is the duty of everyone who is at sea—no matter their origins, skin color, religion, or views," the rescue group's chairman said.
Drew Schwartz

Two Vets Honor the Dead and Save Lives at the Mexican Border

They install water stations and grave markers for the people who try to enter the US illegally via the treacherous Sonoran Desert.
Avery White
Joseph L. Boswell
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Check Out the Creepy Trailer for Indie Thriller 'It Comes at Night'

Trey Edward Shults's apocolyptic horror film, starring Joel Edgerton and Christopher Abbot, hits theaters June 9.
VICE Staff

What Would Happen if Canada Shut Its Borders?

We talked to a bunch of experts about the fallout of abandoning immigration quotas.
Manisha Krishnan

Is It Possible to Cure Prejudice and Racism?

We spoke to a researcher who found a very simple method when it comes to battling discrimination.
JS Rafaeli

The Unholy Bond Between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

Currently, Nigel Farage is Trump's only real British political ally. What does that mean for the future of British-American relations?
Mark Wilding

British Immigrants Are Going on Strike for a Day to Protest Brexit Racism

We spoke to the guy behind "A Day Without Us," who wants to highlight the positive impact of migrants in the UK.
Mark Wilding

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump claims he was holding back during the debate, former Israeli president Shimon Peres dies at 93, Elon Musk announces his a plan to colonize Mars, and more.
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