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All the Music You Might Have Missed Over the Christmas Break

Feat. Alice Glass, Azealia Banks, Dej Loaf, Childish Gambino and more.
Daisy Jones
Noisey 2018

We Made You a Massive Playlist of Actually Decent Christmas Songs

These are waaay better to drunkenly shout along to than that fucking deranged Wizzard song.
Daisy Jones

The Guy Bringing Lonely People Together for Christmas

Christian is helping over 220 people find kind families to spend the holidays with.
Benedikt Niessen
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Professional Santa

"Children still respect Santa. Drunks don't."
Rebecca Baden
The Holidays

All The Shit You're Going to Have to Do This December

Brace yourself.
Rosie Hewitson
Internet Exploring

Sorry Guys, We're About to Ruin Your Christmas

Did you know the songs of the festive season are really about being lonely, death and madness?
Ryan Bassil
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Here's Some Very Cozy Christmas Music from DRAM (and His Mom)

With his '#1HappyHoliday' release, DRAM has captured the warmth of the Christmas season.
Noisey UK Staff
Unseasonable Music

Christmas Songs? In September? Really?

Paul McCartney and Gwen Stefani have both released Christmas songs this week. This is dumb!
Alex Robert Ross

A Look Back at the Most Bizarre Christmas Crimes of All Time

Terrible choices get rationalized when they are done in the name of giving your loved ones—or yourself—a better holiday.
Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Christmas Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Be a Stripper

Strip clubs are an ideal place to spend the Christmas holidays, if you like the holidays enough to be around other people but not enough for a typical celebration.
Susan Elizabeth Shepard

Photos of Christmas Decorations in Depressing Places

Whether it's at the DMV, a cemetery, or a building where children go to be treated for cancer, everyone seems keen to spread a little festive cheer.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
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Can Christmas Music Made by Pornstars Change People’s Perception of British Porn?

I went to the launch of Pornhub’s festive single to find out.
Ryan Bassil