Yale School of Art


This Photographer Captures the Oddities of Small Town Life

Chase Middleton’s photos, with their super rich color palette and overload of carpet, feel like they were plucked out of an obscure 80s film.


These Self-Portraits Exist on the Edge Between Fantasy and Reality

For our annual photo issue, Matt Grubb shares transformative self-portraits that exist beyond the gender binary.


Yale Art Grads Photo Exhibit Captures the Complexities of a Country

Ten photographers challenge Trump's portrait of America.


An Artist Is Deconstructing Comics into Grids in Order to Challenge Power Structures

Yale first-year MFA student Johnathan Payne folds comic strips into lattices, creating a new space for femme, brown, queer, and black mythologies.


A Look Inside the First Queer Show at Yale School of Art

The group exhibition explores the nature of gender, sexuality, and identification.


The Yale School of Art Is Churning Out Some Great Photographers

This year's Yale Photography MFA show, curated by Jack Pierson, opens tonight at Danziger Gallery in New York.


Zak Arctander: Endless Want

If there is a common subject within Zak Arctander’s photographs, it is that of the pursuant gaze, a subject in a relentless search for the often intangible object of its desire. We sat down with Zak to talk about butterflies and being alive.