Obsessing Over Player Salaries Is Ruining Baseball

'Moneyball' taught fans to root like a boss instead of basking in the thrill of the game. On the 15th anniversary of Michael Lewis' book on the first team to master winning on a tight budget, here's a look at how it changed sports culture for the worse.


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From Telescopes to Smartwatches: The Evolution of Sign Stealing in Baseball

The Red Sox were accused of using an Apple Watch to steal signs from the Yankees. Former MLB player Fernando Perez breaks down how sign stealing actually works—and how it is always changing.


Michael Pineda is Finally Good

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is getting all the hype, but Michael Pineda has been equally important to New York's strong start.


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The 2017 Yankees may not seem that exciting at first glance, but they might just be a prelude to the next great run of teams in the Bronx.


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Ten years after New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle died in an airplane crash, Melanie Lidle-Heyward is doing her best to live the way her husband did.


The Reeling Blue Jays Need to Rebound Fast

The Blue Jays entered September in first place. After dropping two of three to the Red Sox on the weekend and seven of nine during the month, they trail Boston by two games in the AL East.


Alex Rodriguez Is a Public Relations Miracle

How A-Rod burned down his own reputation, ignored the cardinal rule of how to fix it, and went on to retire a (sort of) hero.