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The Islamic State Moves Into Yarmouk — a Refugee Camp 'Failed by Everyone'

Around 18,000 civilians are trapped at Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, where the Islamic State has now moved in. There was fierce fighting over the weekend, and experts warn that the situation may only get worse.
Harriet Salem
Islamic State

Islamic State Fighters Storm Besieged Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria

The militants continued their push into regime-controlled parts of Syria, seizing some sections of the camp in southern Damascus that was once home to 150,000 Palestinian refugees.
Alice Speri

Syria Is Starving

The Syrian crisis has unleashed what aid organizations are describing as the biggest humanitarian catastrophe they have ever seen. With a troublesome combination of drought, starvation tactics from the Syrian regime, and skyrocketing food prices, the...
Hannah Lucinda Smith

Armed Militants Retake Syria's Desperate Refugee Camp

While the world has been watching Venezuela and Ukraine, a horrific situation has worsened for 18,000 Palestinians in Yarmouk camp.
Talal Alyan
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Syrian Aid Blockage Could Bring Years of Famine and Death

Not even the U.N. can get into Homs without getting shot as widespread civilian suffering continues in the Syrian civil war's flashpoint.
Olivia Becker

Famine Is Being Used as a Weapon of War in Syria

Last September, an 18-month-old girl named Rana starved to death in the Damascus suburb of Mouadamiya. Her mother, Um Bilal, had watched helplessly for months as her child grew thinner and thinner, unable to do anything to ease her suffering.
Evan Helmuth
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The Weaponization of Famine in Syria

By initiating sieges and blocking aid, the Syrian government is using starvation to force surrender in rebel-held towns and neighborhoods.
Evan Helmuth