year in review 2016


The Light From a Dark Year: Revisiting Our Favorite Artists of 2016

These artists are proof that creativity flourishes during periods of turmoil. When reality failed us, we turned to them for both inspiration and sanity in 2016.


The Best Sex You'll Read About All Year, From Broadly

Admittedly, 2016 wasn't the greatest year, but that doesn't mean we can't write sexy stories about sexy stuff.


Sidney Crosby's Brilliance Was the Hockey Story of 2016

The future Hall of Famer had one of the greatest calendar years of his career.


Hexes, Penis Thievery, and a Stonehenge Rave: The Year in Witchcraft

As we prepare to cast a binding spell on Donald Trump's entire transition team, we look back on some of our best witch-related stories from 2016.


From Solitary Confinement to Body Dysmorphia: Looking at Mental Health in 2016

As we leave behind a particularly traumatic year, a look back on some of our mental health coverage: stories of people struggling with mental illness, working to improve treatment, and fighting against systems that contribute to America's mental health...


Blast From the Past: Broadly’s Most Nostalgic Stories from 2016

Our best articles about the best movies, music, and celebrities from the past.


Broadly's Best Photo Essays of 2016

This year, our photographers covered everything from lesbian pool parties to anti-Donald Trump protests, and they came back with visual gold.