The “biggest event in internet history” was YouTubers punching each other in the face

The next step for YouTubers is fighting in a ring, apparently


The internet has already fallen in and out of love with Vero

The app rocketed to the top of the download charts before anyone could work out what it was.


New site promises safe space for lonely Trump supporters to find love

Tinder, but for Trump supporters: Trump.Dating is here


Hillary Clinton-endorsed Verrit is here, but no one knows why

Hillary Clinton-endorsed site Verrit is here to bring us into our authenticated future, if we can figure out why it exists.


Covfefe: The Trump twitter typo heard around the world

Last night’s top story on the internet: a dark tale, wherein millions of Americans ganged up to cyberbully a quasi-literate man over one misspelled word.


Yesterday on the Internet: We give Pepsi’s protest ad a closer look

Pepsi launched a controversial new ad on Tuesday, brought everyone on the internet together in their hatred of it on Wednesday, then pulled the ad on Thursday. It’s going to need—a closer look.


Yesterday on the Internet: Turns out Trump supporters care about internet privacy

On Wednesday, House Republicans voted to block Obama-era rules about information privacy for internet service providers. Now, the future of online privacy is in the very capable hands of one President Donald J. Trump.


Yesterday on the Internet: The Grammys get political

The Grammys bill themselves as music’s biggest night — the night where grandparents around the world finally get to see the music of promising upstarts, like Adele and Beyoncé.