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Elvis Was the King of Treating Women Like Shit and Luring 14-Year-Olds into Bed

No thank you. No thank you very much.
Elizabeth King

Isn't It Funny That Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Were Woman-Hating Bigots?

For the wildly popular mid-century comedic duo, philandering, homophobia, and child beating were just part of their routine.
Kristin Hunt

Winston Churchill Was a Racist Warmonger Who Tried to Sterilize the Mentally Ill

The "British Bulldog" is celebrated as a defeater of Nazis and champion of democracy. But he also hated Indian people, loved eugenics, and advocated for poison gas.
Zing Tsjeng

Thomas Edison Thought It Was a Bright Idea to Electrocute Animals

One of history's most brilliant inventors didn't hold a patent on being an asshole, but he emerged at the forefront of the field.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

Charlie Chaplin Was a Sadistic Tyrant Who Fucked Teenage Girls

Although the British actor and director was beloved for his slapstick comedy, Charlie Chaplin was a selfish, raging megalomaniac who treated his children and teenage wives with relentless cruelty.
Lauren Oyler

Gandhi Was a Racist Who Forced Young Girls to Sleep in Bed with Him

Be the self-righteous misogynist you wish to see in the world.
Mayukh Sen
you know who sucked

It's Really Sickening How Much Florence Nightingale Hated Women

The saintly 19th-century nurse has come to symbolize good will, sympathy, and self-sacrifice, but she also firmly believed women were good-for-nothing stupidheads who didn't deserve equal rights.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

Einstein Was a Genius at Treating His Wives Like Shit

Physics is confusing, but it's clear that the Nobel Prize–winning scientist was a selfish, misogynistic philanderer.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

Lou Reed Was a Jealous, Misogynistic 'Prick' Who Acted Obnoxious to Sell Records

We talked to the author of a new biography, "Notes from the Velvet Underground," about how we're all "beginning to see the light" on the beloved proto-punk provocateur's personality.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

It's Really Surreal How Salvador Dalí Was a Fascist Who Hit Women

In his lifelong quest for fame and fortune, the surrealist painter beloved by 19-year-olds "trampled" female admirers and supported the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
Lauren Oyler

Mother Teresa Was Kind of a Heartless Bitch

Mother Teresa has been beatified by the Catholic Church, but she's no saint—in more ways than one.
Mitchell Sunderland
you know who sucked

Hey Rude: John Lennon Mocked Disabled People Onstage

A newly discovered video reveals more of what we already knew about the wife-beating Beatle: He sucked.
Lauren Oyler