Young Love


Rejected Teen Accused of Planting Bomb Under His Ex-Girlfriend's Bed

The 18-year-old allegedly loaded a pressure cooker with nuts, bolts, and makeshift gunpowder, but it failed to detonate.


Powerful Portraits Juxtapose Young Love and Urban Sorrow

The spark of young love materializes as bursts of color in Pierre Baëlen's searing urban portraits.


How Coming Out as Trans Affects a Relationship

Four months ago, while on vacation, Anja returned to her room to find her boyfriend, Tim, trying on her underwear. "Would you still be together with me if I were a girl?" he asked.


Why You Should Never Try to Hide a Runaway Florida Teen in Your Dorm Room

A story of young love, speed, punk rock festivals, low-level crime, and Gainesville.


I'm Trying to Be a Bisexual, But I'm Failing Miserably

I've always been attracted to women, and felt mostly homosexual. But if I was born this way, why am I so bad at it?


How I Got Over My Youth of Depression and Bad Relationships

Looking back on my teenaged life of shame and self-inflicted wounds.


Giving Handjobs for Money Is My Least Favorite Kind of Sex Work

I have been a sex worker for about seven years, but I recently turned 31, which means I'm a senior citizen in sex worker years, so last fall when a friend invited me to work at a handjob salon, I figured, I'll try my hand at that!


Too Old to Fight It

If you’re a “songwriter” or “producer” and don’t live in LA, chances are you’re also a barista or a waiter or, if you have business sense, a drug dealer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.