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I Went to a Workshop on How to Deal with Loitering Teens

A room filled with worried baby boomers, a 72-year-old "expert in street culture," and an actor playing a loitering teen—a recipe for a wonderful afternoon.


Marco Mendia Spent Nearly Ten Years with Europe's Graffiti Youth

Marco Mendia shares his grainy snapshots of rebellious graffiti youth in metro tunnels and abandoned warehouses.


Generation Z Is Smarter About Money Than You Are

The post-millennial generation is all about saving money, finding the best deals, and planning for the future.


Elder Goths: When Growing Up Doesn't Mean Abandoning Your Favorite Youth Culture

"We are the first and second generations to age into goth, and we have to stand up and say that there is room for older women in this subculture."


Welcome to Life in Stormzy's Britain

The grime star's success is no happy accident: He seized on a moment to shape youth culture in his image.


Youth Collective Teaches You How to Scam the Patriarchy

Woke youths gather at the New Museum for workshops on urban herbalism and self defense.


We Met Sasha Lane, the Breakout Star of 'American Honey'

We met the breakout star of 'American Honey' to talk about how she was discovered on a beach during spring break, and what it was like working with director Andrea Arnold.


London's No Longer a City for the Young

The city's fucked and Mary Berry's to blame.


Photos from 90s Shows That Will Make You Wish You Were Young Again

We spoke to the curator of 'Teen Spirit,' a new photo exhibition about being a teenager and wearing silly clothes and going to shows with your friends.


Supposedly Apathetic Millennials Are Not the Ones to Blame for Brexit

It was widely reported that just 36 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds voted, but a new study shows it was more like 64 percent—the largest youth turnout in 25 years. What else did the media get wrong, and why?


It's Not Over Yet: Remembering New Rave, Ten Years Later

It was once called "a piss-poor youthquake that will soon go out of fashion," but new rave set a precedent for everything that's going on right now.


What I Learned Growing Up as a Very Serious Fan of The Darkness

“The song, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ has changed my life. I am now a full on rocker!” read my diary on 20th September, 2003.