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How The Premier League is Rethinking Age in Youth Development

Traditionally, kids are broken up and trained in age groups. Is that system flawed?
Brian Blickenstaff

MLS Players Union Executive Director Calls Lawsuit Against Dempsey, Yedlin, Bradley "A Shakedown For Money"

MLSPU Executive Director Bob Foose believes that applying FIFA mandated solidarity payments to U.S. clubs could have a "horrible" affect on youth soccer development in the U.S.
Jorge Arangure Jr.
rio de janeiro

Growing Basketball in Brazil's Favelas

The NBA is partnering with Rio de Janeiro's sport secretary of state to develop basketball in the largest favela in Rio.
Donna Bowater

Who Has the Best Youth Academy in Europe?

Every football team in the world claims to invest in youth development. Who actually does it?
VICE Sports

Inside Double Pass: The Best Kept Secret In Youth Development is Coming to America

Double Pass, a little-known Belgian firm, played a key role in the development of the German and Belgian national teams. Now it's coming to America.
Brian Blickenstaff
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The Mexican Women's National Team Needs to Stop Depending on U.S. Based Players

Half of Mexico's World Cup team is based in the U.S. But the Mexican Soccer Federation is working toward creating a better infrastructure to produce more homegrown players.
Luis Arroyo
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The High Cost of Youth Development

A new basketball training device shows the potential that technology can have on youth development. But does the high cost of these types of gadgets make them inaccessible for lower income kids?
Patrick Sauer

The Struggle for Legality, Regulation, and Safety in Youth MMA

Sixteen-year-old MMA prodigy Reshat Mati fights outside of his homestate of New York while lawmakers figure out how to regulate youth MMA
Ian Frisch
the godfather

Meet the New York Dad Leading China's Soccer Revolution

Tom Byer, once the Mr. Rogers of Japanese soccer, is now bringing his magic to China, thanks to the country's soccer-mad president.
Brian Blickenstaff