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VWOS Season 2

Miami's Youth Football Hotbed: VWOS Rivals

Miami's inner city is football's Mecca. But its biggest rivalry isn't exactly big.
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Watch the Full Premiere of "VICE World of Sports: Rivals" For Free

​Miami's Liberty City is football's Mecca, home to NFL legends. But the biggest rivalry in this city isn't exactly big–it all starts with a hard-hitting squad of 6 year-olds.
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Jon Gruden Rants about Geniuses Ruining Football, Recess

Jon Gruden doesn't think youth football participation is down because of concerns over child safety, he thinks it's because the game is under attack from geniuses.
Joseph Flynn
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Inside Middlesbrough’s Academy: How Youth Soccer Actually Works

While we all have our own ideas of what it takes to make it as a footballer, few people know how an academy works in practice. We went to Middlesbrough’s Rockliffe Park to find out.
Will Magee
Rhode Island

A Nearly 20-Year-Old Dude Played in a Youth Football Game with 13-Year-Olds

The man, with facial hair and arm tattoos, could be seen getting into gear on the sidelines and was eventually spotted by refs.
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Youth Football Team Peppered With Racial Slurs After Players Take a Knee During Anthem

"Those three or four bad apples, however many people were saying that stuff, doesn't represent the town of Bethel Park. But it was bad."
Mike Vorkunov
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Youth Football League Player Makes Absurd Juggling Catch

The league is for kids aged 6-14 and judging by this play, they are legit.
Sean Newell

Business Is Business, Football Is Family: David Roth's Weak in Review

Can the NFL be trusted with something as valuable as football?
David Roth

New Pop Warner Lawsuit Raises Hard Questions About the Future of Youth Tackle Football

A potential class action lawsuit filed against Pop Warner, USA Football, and NOCSAE over brain damage and CTE could help redefine how society views tackle football for children.
Patrick Hruby

VICE Sports Q&A: The Bioethicists Saying Take Tackle Football Out of Schools

Dr. Steven Miles and Dr. Shailendra Prasad recently challenged the American Academy of Pediatrics's stance on youth tackle football in an editorial for the American Journal of Bioethics.
Jack Moore

Are Parents Growing Weary of Football?

Only four percent parents would suggest their kid take up football. Parents are six times more likely to prefer a relatively safer sport like soccer.
Smriti Sinha

Welcome to the Concussion Industrial Complex

A public desperate for an answer to football's concussion crisis has become easy prey for the profiteers selling them snake oil.
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