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Sex, Snacks, and Soccer: How Mexican Drug Lords End Up Captured

El Chapo's now famous mobile conversations with actress Kate del Castillo while he was Mexico's most wanted fugitive are just one of many examples of seeming carelessness that has brought down capos who are supposed to be experts in security.
Andrea Noel
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The People Displaced by the Hunt for El Chapo Tell of Helicopter Attacks

Escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán narrowly avoided recapture in a mountain raid in October, and also left the navy facing accusations that its efforts to hunt him down included targeting the civilian population.
Daniel Hernandez

Z-40 Is a Product of the American Drug War: You’re Welcome, Mexico

A former DEA analyst said, "Our policy of prohibition is what creates people like Morales. It incentivizes violence to a tremendous degree, so we shouldn’t be surprised when someone rises to the top and commits 2,000 murders to get there, because in...
Dawn Paley

The Zetas' Leader Has Been Captured, but Is That Really Such a Good Thing?

With Miguel Angel Treviño Morales captured, it looks likely that existing cartels and the newly independent factions within Los Zetas will duke it out over territory. And by that I mean relentlessly massacre each other with bloody gun battles in the...
Joseph Cox

The Leader of One of Mexico's Largest Drug Cartels Has Been Arrested

On Monday, authorities in Mexico captured the leader of the Zetas cartel in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, but don’t expect the arrest of ‘Z-40’ to severely disrupt the flow of cocaine to New York City. Narcotrafficking in Mexico could be returning to its old...
Diego Enrique Osorno