Facing Turmoil and Conflict, Syrian Refugees Tell Their Own Story

"Refugee youths carry immense creative capital, and the most untapped potential because of the uncertainty they are forced to navigate in their day to day life."
Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din
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Meeting Syria's 'Lost Generation': These Refugee Children Must Abandon School to Survive

Up to 100,000 Syrian children living in the Jordanian capital Amman are not in school, many forced to work because they are the only ones who can get jobs and support their families.
Sam Mednick

The Falafel-Makers of the Zaatari Refugee Camp

In the second-largest refugee camp in the world, Syrians are making do by cooking falafel and ful while they wait to return home.
Lucie de la Héronnière
New York

Multisensory Cinema Adds Smell and Touch to VR Worlds

In "The Feelies," artists and scientists virtually transport participants to New York and Jordan.
Emiko Jozuka
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Amid Poverty and War, More of Syria’s Children Are the Family Breadwinners Now

Before the war, almost all children in Syria went to school, and literacy rates were above 90 percent, a new report by Save the Children and UNICEF notes. Now, more than 2.7 million children are not attending school.
Rachel Browne

Canada Is Handing Jordan $125M to Fight the Islamic State, Aid Refugees, Boost Economy

During a state visit from King Abdullah, Ottawa announced that it’s pouring cash into Jordan as the Arab state feels pressure from all sides.
Justin Ling
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'We’re Working, Waiting, Expecting the Worst': Syrians Are Escaping Jordan's Refugee Camps for Black Market Labor

VICE News traveled to Amman, Jordan, where migrants have fled miserable conditions in the country's refugee camps to fill a burgeoning illegal economy. It's also a politically sensitive subject among Jordanians.
Harriet Salem
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In Pictures: Syrian Refugees Are Freezing to Death as Snow Blankets the Region

The misery of millions of Syrian refugees who have fled their war-torn country to tent cities across the region just got a lot worse.
Alice Speri
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'We Don’t Have Any Hope to Go Back': Syrian Refugees’ Lives Turn Permanent in Zaatari Camp

Refugees arrived in Zaatari hoping for a short stay. But as the war next door raged on, they realized they won't go back anytime soon.
Alice Speri

Deadly Violent Clashes Hit Jordan’s Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp

The incident was said to be sparked by the detention of a driver allegedly trying to smuggle a Syrian refugee family out of the the camp.
Leezel Tanglao

NOOR's Installation at the Zaatari Refugee Camp

Four photographers are attempting to recuperate the memories of refugees and give them permanence.