We Asked Teens If 'Euphoria' Is Realistic

"Teen life is no longer just frilly skirts and bubblegum; it is distorted and perplexing and corrupt and it is only just getting worse."
DeAsia Paige

'Euphoria' Isn't the Coming-of-Age Show Black Girls Deserve

It's yet another example of Black girls' onscreen narratives being defined by trauma.
DeAsia Paige

Zendaya Knows: Modern Fashion Demands Inclusivity

On Saturday, Zendaya's effort for Tommy Hilfiger at Paris Fashion Week featured 59 Black models styled by a Black hairstylist and makeup artist.
Bianca Betancourt
Holy Shit

Michelle Obama's New Rap Single Is a Modern Day 'Lady Marmalade'

The FLOTUS herself doesn't lay down any bars, unfortunately, but it does feature Missy Elliott, Janelle Monaé, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, and Zendaya, among others.
Noisey Staff

Stop Saying It's "Brave" for Artists to Confront Trolls About Their Appearance

The notion that female artists are “brave” for speaking out against body shaming perpetuates the notion that women in the public eye have something to answer for.
Kat George
On the Roof

On the Roof Vol. 2: Mob Forever

Stream Volume Two of On the Roof, dedicated to The Jacka, which features songs from Bobby Brackins, Iamsu!, and The Jacka himself.
VICE Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

Why Are YOU Mad About the Aaliyah Movie?

If you are a living human, you are upset about the fact that there is an Aaliyah biopic happening. This is an objective fact.
Julie Mitchell