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Cynthia Nixon Lost the Battle, But Progressive Women Won the War

Cynthia Nixon fell to Governor Andrew Cuomo Thursday night, but the insurgent candidates who challenged former members of the Independent Democratic Conference sailed to victory.
Marie Solis
New York politics

Progressive Women Are Aligning to Break Up New York's Political Boys' Club

Women running in New York, like Cynthia Nixon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Zephyr Teachout, have campaigned alongside each other, strategically forming a "sisterhood" to overthrow a bloc of sitting male incumbents.
Marie Solis

Zephyr Teachout's Quest to Become the Left's Newest Crusading Congresswoman

Zephyr Teachout wants to get the money out of politics, but first she has to overcome the money being spent to keep her out of Congress.
John Surico
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Bernie Sanders Needs a Revolution, So He's Making It Rain on Some Congressional Candidates

Sanders is going to need a massive change in Congress if he wants to get anything done, and so far he's picked three candidates who could help him out. But he'll need a lot more.
Sarah Mimms
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New York Leftie Favorite Zephyr Teachout Is Running for Congress

The progressive law professor who won a surprising amount of votes in New York's 2014 gubernatorial primary is trying for elected office yet again.
VICE Staff

One of the Most Powerful Politicians in New York Just Got Arrested for Corruption

On Thursday, Sheldon Silver, who has been state assembly speaker for two decades, turned himself in to the FBI.
Matt Taylor

Did New Yorkers Just Start a Left-Wing Democratic Party Insurgency?

Defeat, inspiration, and optimism at Zephyr Teachout's election-night party.
Matt Taylor
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How a Tiny Tech-Powered Campaign Scared America's Most Powerful Governor

Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu are a long shot, but they've already changed the game.

Why Are Most of New York's Women's Equality Party Candidates Men?

Because it's a sham orchestrated by corrupt politicians.
Matt Taylor

We Talked to Tim Wu About Net Neutrality and Taking on Corrupt Politicians

It's not very often that you get to vote for the smartest person in the room, but Tim Wu is making it easy on New Yorkers.
Matt Taylor

Meet Zephyr Teachout, the Anti-Corruption Crusader Running for Governor of New York

Does the left-wing long shot have a chance to win?
Matt Taylor

New York Progressive Party Kisses Andrew Cuomo's Ring

Going into this past weekend, there was a faint sense that the organized Left could genuinely wrest some measure of power from the Democratic Party. Not so fast.
Michael Tracey