It's Science

Researchers Have a New Explanation for Adult Acne

Smarter ways of treating it could also be on the way.
Jesse Hicks
What's Freaking Me Out

Can Someone Explain Why I'm an Adult and Still Breaking Out?

Keep the dream of clear skin alive.
Melissa Romero

The Wild Worlds of Pwnage, Bitcoin, and Viral Zit Videos

Dive into all the secret societies you should’ve read about this week.
Kate Conger

What Wiping Pee on My Face Did for My Acne

As most people with persistent acne tend to say, I had tried everything.
Chelsea Martin

This YouTube Dermatologist Is the Hero of Pimple Popping Fetishists

An interview with one of the web's preeminent pimple popping doctors.
Marie Declercq

A Scientific Breakthrough Could Make Your Wine into Hangover-Free Magic

New research that was recently published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology suggests that bioengineered yeast could make our wine healthier, tastier, and guilt-free.
Hilary Pollack

Are Zit-Squeezing Videos the New Porn?

Millions of us compulsively (and secretly) scour YouTube for videos of pus squiggling out of pores, ingrown hairs getting picked, or wax being dug from the depths of our ears.
Sophie Wilkinson

Red Wine Might Cure Your Pizza Face

In addition to basically being a substitute for exercise and an antidepressant, red wine has also been found to prevent acne. Seriously, wine has turned out to be our bestest friend.
Hilary Pollack
The Armpit of the Internet

Inside the Pus-Filled World of Zit-Popping Videos

Considering that sporting a leaky zit falls somewhere on the ladder of social taboos between eating your own boogers and gargling hobo cum, why do so many excruciatingly graphic videos of zit-popping become smash hits on YouTube?
Michelle Lhooq
The Lies Issue

Dos & Don'ts

After years of getting bullied by the French, English Montrealers are shoving the Quebec flag up their asses and taking to the streets. It's the most political fashion has been since Yankees fans started balling up Red Sox shirts and stuffing them in...
VICE Staff