zoë klar


Rereading the Journal I Kept in a Psych Ward as a Teen Taught Me I Have Never Been in the Mood for Bitches

"Ralph looks like a gopher. This place sucks. I might as well be burned on a pitchfork."


I Spent Two Years Pretending to Be a Model on a Social Network

As an angsty middle schooler, the site Habbo Hotel offered solace. I became one of the social network's "It Girls."


I Spent 21 Hours at a Truck Stop

It's not every day you go into a truck stop and have a life-changing conversation with an aging pool shark with a hook for a hand.


I Spent Six Bizarre Months in a Boarding School for Troubled Teens

As a "therapeutic school," you'd think King George's curriculum would involve some healthy combination of therapy and school. Unfortunately, it did not.