Zoltan Istvan


Liberty Might Be Better Served by Doing Away with Privacy

If tech is surveilling us constantly, we need the ability to use it to watch the watchers.


Revolutionary Politics Are Necessary for Transhumanism to Succeed

Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan explains his thoughts on how to move forward.


​What I Learned by Running for President

I’ve been honored to watch transhumanism grow a lot under my candidacy.


Eliminating Money, Taxes, and Ownership Will Bring Forth Technoutopia

Visiting futurist Jacque Fresco, whose magnum opus is The Venus Project, a 21-acre Central Florida Eden with white dome-shaped buildings that Meadows and he hand built over three and a half decades.


​The Jesus Singularity

The Transhumanist Party's presidential candidate has a dark vision for an all-powerful religious AI.


Living Forever Has Never Been More Popular

While the US government still hasn’t shown much interest in supporting longevity research for its citizens, the life extension movement is dramatically expanding around the world.


A Transhumanist Goes to the Conventions

The RNC was surprisingly more open to transhumanism than the DNC.


To Combat Radical Violence in America, We Need Radical Medicine

"If you make the human body virtually indestructible, being wounded loses some of its relevance."


How Technology Could Facilitate and then Destroy Legal Immigration

We need some authoritative measures to guarantee safe and effective immigration. But then, the robots come.


Do We Really Hate Trump and Clinton So Much?

Something more sinister is happening: The internet has turned us into belligerent critics.


The Coming Genetic Editing Age of Humans Won’t Be Easy to Stomach

In the transhumanist age, the human being should be looked at more like a machine—something that comes out a particular way, but then can be heavily modified.


Technology Will Replace the Need for Big Government

Twenty-five years into the future, we may have little reason to call any government service employee whatsoever.