There Are No Good Guys in ‘Narcos: Mexico’

The fourth season takes us to the origin of America's war on drugs and into a world filled with "bad guys and very bad guys."
Seth Ferranti
2 days ago

Trump administration plans to grant more rights to college students accused of sexual assault

Under the proposed Title IX enforcement regulations, schools would only have to launch investigations into properly reported incidents that were part of campus programs and activities.
Emma Ockerman
2018 election

The Midterms Weren't Actually That Broken, Observers Say

As usual, US elections were beset by issues ranging from voter disenfranchisement to badly drawn districts. But Election Day itself was far from a disaster.
Mark Hay
2 days ago

When Does BDSM Become Abuse?

After a recent death in the online kinkster community, many people began to question the limits of submissive relationships.
Steven Blum
2 days ago

Gwen Stefani Should Have Been Canceled a Long Time Ago

I didn’t realize Gwen Stefani had a legacy of cultural appropriation until I got older. And for this, I am no longer a fan.
Wanna Thompson

The Final '2 Dope Queens' Podcast Was a Perfect Interview with Michelle Obama

The former First Lady is a fan of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams and asked to be a guest on their show.
Taylor Hosking
2 days ago
Lion Air JT-610

Here's What We've Learned in the Two Weeks Since the Lion Air Plane Crash

There are still so many unanswered questions.
Adi Renaldi
3 days ago

Mexico Is Zero Percent Happy About Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila'

“We will fight Big Tequila!” he tweeted on Wednesday. Of course you will. ​
Jelisa Castrodale

Almost 25 Years Later, Supreme Is Still a Skate Shop

As skateboarding has morphed and followed (sometimes unfortunate) fads over the years, there’s something comforting in the consistency of Supreme.
Jonathan Smith
2 days ago

'Getting a Tan in Central Park,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

While Yorna works on her tan, some unexpected company flies in.
Brian Blomerth
2 days ago
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting into Mariah Carey, the Originator of All This Pop Shit

Mariah Carey brought hip-hop to a pop audience not out of necessity, but because it was a part of her identity.
Kristin Corry

I Binged All 11 ‘Harry Potter’ Movies and Yes, They Are Gay as Hell

"Let’s get these Horcruxes, bitches!"
Naveen Kumar
2 days ago