Saudis admit Khashoggi was killed but claim it was a “fistfight”

The kingdom said it had arrested 18 Saudi nationals linked to the crime.

I Tried to Replace Men with ‘Clit Sucking’ Sex Toys

They ended up being kinda painful, and one of them made me pee.
Alison Stevenson
19 hours ago
Sneakers by VICE

The Bootleg Nikes that Got Banned by Big Tobacco

After a DIY designer made a pair of sneakers that riffed on Newport’s packaging, its legal team came after him with everything it had.
The Power and Privilege Issue

Does Leveraging Whiteness in Corporate America Mean More Than Supporting Women of Color?

I spent a decade in corporate America learning that working with white women often meant learning how to work around them on my way up the next rung of the ladder. Here's what else I learned.
Minda Honey
20 hours ago
The Power and Privilege Issue

Why I Left My Public School Job in Oklahoma to Teach in Abu Dhabi

Active teachers in the system who are overburdened and underpaid are now leaving in droves. I'm one of them.
Sierra Thompson
20 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy Broke Into a House Just to Clip His Toenails and Make Eggs, Cops Say

He also took a bath, washed his clothes, and brushed his teeth before the cops arrested him.
Drew Schwartz
20 hours ago

Anthony Bourdain's Final Work 'Hungry Ghosts' Scares Us Starving

'Hungry Ghosts' is a fittingly haunting last publication for Bourdain, and it should be on your list of scary reads this Halloween.

This Bartender Is Secretly the Greatest Tetris Player in the World

362 days of the year, Jonas Neubauer is a regular dude. During the Classic Tetris World Championship, he's a god.
Sean Neumann
20 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Life

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Business with Friends

It will change your relationship forever.
Alex Norcia
20 hours ago

'Cat Gang,' Today's Comics by Rosa Arango

Cats rule this town after some strange incidents push humans to evacuate.
Rosa Arango
a day ago
Late Capitalism

The Story Behind the Mysterious Guillotine on a Brooklyn Roof

"I don't know if it can kill, but it can definitely maim," the artist who built it told us.
Matt Taylor
a day ago

The Girl's Guide to Changing Your Gender

A chill primer on estrogen, breast augmentation, skirts, and other things a trans girl might consider on her trek across genders.