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A$AP Rocky Now Has an Official Vape Pen Despite Not Being a Known Vaper

Sorprendente, ya sé.

A$AP Rocky has been a don of cool for years now, and the rise of Playboi Carti under his wing is proof of that. Something that many people think is cool would be the vape pen, a channel through which eleven-year-old white kids can feel badass on a webcam while Drake's "Pound Cake" plays in the background. Surprisingly, Rocky did not have an official vape pen to his name, which has been remedied today by vape pen juggernaut KandyPens and their new Flacko Jodye Collection, which you can see below.


So, on a broad level this makes obvious sense. Rocky makes spaced-out chillout rap, an ideal counterpart to vaping. He's also very stylish, which is apparently what vaping is to the people who partake in it. The problem is this: no footage exists of the man himself blowing clouds.

Yes, you may think you've seen Pretty Flacko vaping, but a Google search reveals no such imagery.

There's several gigabytes' worth of pictures depicting Rocky puffing on weed—he seems to be perpetually wreathed in smoke in his videos and promo photos—but note that his hand clutches a blunt at all times. No vape pens. I don't want to rule out that he maybe vapes in his private time, but for someone who has partnered with this same vape company before, he's not doing a great job at representing the lifestyle. Here is the other notable time Rocky has emitted a gas from an orifice.

Phil was alright with 'Cozy Tapes 2,' actually. He's on Twitter.