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Justice Are Releasing an Album and Their New Track “Randy” Will Give You Feels

Esto es buena música, ¡Carajo!
Daisy Jones
London, GB

You know that feeling when somebody gives you something you never knew you desperately needed but it turns out you actually did? Like, I dunno, a cold bottle of Lipton peach ice tea on a hangover (it works), or a packet of Skips (remember those?), or a surprise bucket of icy water flung over your head first thing in the morning? Anyway, that's how this new Justice track will make you feel. Because while you were waiting for that new Bon Iver or Chromatics or Gaga or whatever it was, Justice went and announced they were releasing a new album called Woman in November, and then they dropped a new track "Randy", and trust me when I say this: it is better than any of that other shit you thought you wanted. It is nearly seven minutes of pure electro-disco perfection, and the artwork looks like it should be framed and mounted on the nearest wall immediately.


"'Randy' started as an almost industrial techno track, but we were in such a good mood that day that we ended up making the song as it is that is real, like, joyful," Justice's Xavier de Rosnay told Annie Mac who debuted the track on her BBC Radio 1 show. "Like if you're in the car with your best friends or your lover or your kids. And that's the feeling of the whole record I guess"

"We have been mistaken for a dance music band," added de Rosnay. "Every time we start with a couple of ideas and as we make the record, they change a lot and they drift a bit, but the general mood we were in was to make a welcoming record."

Press play and soak up the bliss below: