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Everyone Shut Up, This Calf Looks Exactly Like Gene Simmons

Chiste de papá: Esta vaca quiere Rock and Roll All Nite. Juar juar juar.

Do you believe in miracles? In cosmic, perfect chances? No? Well guess what, they're real, motherfucker. Meet Genie:

There's really not a lot to say about this further than what has already been said. She, a calf, strongly resembles Gene Simmons, a famous human. That's it. Honestly, this is just purely delightful on its own, and KISS themselves have acknowledged it. There's also the matter of that one high school urban legend about Simmons grafting a cow tongue onto his own. This innocent calf's existence does not do anything to prove this theory but also, she does not necessarily disprove it. Anyways, attempting to provide depth to this is a meaningless endeavor. Please enjoy yourselves.

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