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Is This New Jack White Song Even a Song? Asking for a Friend

¿"Servings and Portions from My Boarding House Reach" es un sampler de su nuevo disco? ¿O Jack White tuvo a bien redefinir el concepto que tenemos de canción?
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Jack White has done… something. Today, what appeared to be a new Jack White track appeared on YouTube and streaming services. It's called "Servings and Portions from My Boarding House Reach" (try not to sigh as loudly as I did), and when you click the play button, you are confronted not with a song in the traditional sense, but what sounds like little components of a bunch of different songs.

There are a couple possibilities here: it could just be an album sampler for a record coming next year ("Serving and Portions" implies these chopped up parts are just bits of various wholes), or it could be that I'm too dumb to understand Jack White's larger project, and he's actually now redefining the concept of what a song is. It really could just be either at this point—this is, after all, the man whose last record included a hologram.

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