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Watch Alicia Keys and Jay Z Perform “Empire State Of Mind” Live in Times Square Last Night, and Revisit 2009

Keys también tocó con Nas, Questlove y John Mayer.

"Empire State of Mind" is a behemoth of a song. It has two Grammy's, shifted five and a half million copies in the US alone, and knocked Owl City's "Fireflies" off the top of the Billboard charts – for which we were all thankful. Unfortunately it's also probably at least partially responsible for the existence of Sex and the City 2, but three out of four ain't bad.

Anyway, all of which is to say: "Empire State of Mind" is the end-of-the-night banger to end all end-of-the-night bangers. Its rhythm and uplifting chord progressions are tailor made to make you put your arms up, spill your drink down the back of your own top, and sway gracelessly from side-to-side like a deflating airdancer. If you are having a sad Monday, then please observe this footage of Alicia Keys and Jay Z performing the song live in Times Square last night and revisit the joy of 2009.

Keys also performed with Nas, Questlove, and John Mayer. You can watch all of that below.