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Kendrick Lamar Links Up with U2 Again, on "American Soul"

Es una versión alternativa del tema "XXX" incluido en 'DAMN.'
Imagen vía Wikimedia Commons

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Since DAMN. came out back in April, it's become apparent that Kendrick Lamar spent more than a little time in the studio with U2, who feature on the album's track "XXX."

A couple of weeks ago, the band dropped "Get Out of Your Own Way," from their album Songs of Experience which is due on 1 December. The track featured Kendrick on a brief outro. Today's offering, "American Soul," also features K-Dot, this time on the intro. His short, spoken word section is thus:

Blessed are the bullies
For one day they will have to stand up
To themselves
Blessed are the liars
For the truth can be awkward

The track is billed as the partner to "XXX," which appeared on DAMN. It's less lyrically dense and complex than "XXX" (Bono's chorus is basically: "You are rock and roll / You and I are rock and roll / You are rock and roll / Came here looking for American Soul" which doesn't really hold a candle; also he's not even American, lol)—in fact, in general, it's a pretty straightforward rock song. If you can cope with Bono, then hear it below:

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