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Some Loon Quoted Eminem's "Stan" on Tinder and He Shockingly Didn't Get Laid

El tipo quería mostrarle al verdadero 'Slim Shady'.

"Stan" is one of rap's most influential songs but never forget it's in the same category as Immortal Technique's storytime classic "Dance with the Devil" as a song your middle-school friends showed you to demonstrate both "real rap" and also how very edgy they were. (Good bassline, though.) In any case, "Stan" is not the type of song you'd use lines from in an inspirational context and you definitely wouldn't use it in a romantic one, either. But nothing stops creative methods of quenching thirst, especially in the world of Tinder, and one rando decided to try and play the love game using "Stan."


As was posted to Reddit's /r/ Tinder subreddit, a Tinderer used a tweaked version of "Stan" in an effort to flirt. In a twist, his match responds by continuing the verse, also modifying it herself. Score! Unfortunately the exchange is too cute to last and the date plans fall through, but the Tinderer receives slaps-on-the-back from his fellow Redditor bros after politely(!) asking his match permission to share the convo on /r/ Tinder. Honestly, this is somewhat more heartwarming than most wretched stories that come out of that app. Imagine how differently things would have gone if our hapless romantic had quoted "Drips"?

Phil doesn't think Em is all bad but he'll never let anyone forget "Love Game." He's on Twitter.