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See Nine Inch Nails Perform a Moving Tribute to David Bowie

La banda le hizo un cover a "I Can't Give Everything Away", del 'Blackstar', en su primer show en vivo en tres años.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Last night, to coincide with their Add Violence EP coming tomorrow (Friday, July 21), Nine Inch Nails played their first live show in three years, in Bakersfield, California. The new collection will include previously released tracks "Less Than" and "This Isn't The Place." As part of last night's show, they took a few moments to remember a friend of the band, and particularly of frontman Trent Reznor, David Bowie.


During their set, they played their own version of "I Can't Give Everything Away" from the late icon's final album Blackstar:

As expected, the band give a grittier, oilier take on Bowie's track, and though this isn't the best footage in the world, the sound shines through to prove that Nine Inch Nails can make anything their own and have still got it in spades, even after three years out of the live game.

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