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Lana Del Rey Drops Two New Songs Featuring A$AP Rocky

"Summer Bummer," en donde también aparece Playboi Carti, y "Groupie Love" debutaron en Beats 1 Radio.

Lana Del Rey / A$AP Rocky is one of the 2010s' most notable pop music ships (it's absolutely a ship, don't argue with me), but it's been a bit since they've connected on a track. As if to make up for lost time, we have two of these duets instead of one, both to be featured on LDR's upcoming Lust for Life album.

"Summer Bummer" is a morose club banger with Playboi Carti providing, as always, adlibs, while "Groupie Love" is a big, orchestral pop ballad. You can listen to both of them below if you have Apple Music (link leads to the whole album).