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Here Are Cher and Future Singing Together as 2017's Greatest Musical Duo

No lo cuestiones, no tiene caso. Disfruta.

You could argue that the enormous power wielded by corporations is responsible for much of the world's evils, but what if that influence were used for not just a regular, banal "good" but for something truly transcendent? Gap has done that impossible task, and in a manner few of us would have expected.

Cher, the multi-era pop star turned Twitter meme-mystic, has collaborated with Future for a Gap promo where the two of them sing Sly and the Family Stone's "Everyday People." The song is set to a trap beat because it's 2017 and the pure joy and chemistry shared between these two icons is palpable. While they're from disparate eras, their shared command of the internet makes them ideal partners. Also, Cher's indelible use of Auto-Tune on "Believe" is basically responsible for Future's entire, equally influential career. Let's appreciate how precious they are together for a minute.

Now, if you're prepared, click the embed above and experience the greatest 30 seconds of your life.

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