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Here's Cool Guy Calvin Harris's Video for "Feels"

Está chido el video de "Feels". Ya puedes dejar de esforzarte bb.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This coming Friday (June 30), I will be forced to swallow my pride, as I will, inevitably, be placed in the strange and heretofore unanticipated position of officially actually liking a Calvin Harris album. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1—which features the objectively excellent Frank Ocean cut "Slide" as well as a number of other tracks, and a number of other top-tier artists—by anyone's measure, is probably going to be very good indeed. And Calvin Harris really wants you to know about it.


The latest prong in the Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 promotional attack plan is the new video for "Feels," the most recent track shared from the record, which features Katy Perry, Pharrell and Big Sean. It fits in with the throwback vibe Calvin is very aggressively channeling, and also sees Pharrell looking like Pharrell: Vacation Edition, and Big Sean hanging out with a parrot.

But… there's still the feeling that Calvin is very invested in us thinking that he's cool, to which I say: please chill. You don't have to share videos of all the features on your record like someone who was bullied in school but now is beautiful people-adjacent. Mate, you don't need to credit the handclaps to yourself at the end of a video that already features a massively influential producer, a newly woke pop star and a big-time rapper. Your music, annoyingly for some, is good now. You can relax a bit. There's no need to tweet music video screenshots to remind us that your aesthetic is "Sandals brochure from the 1980s" now. It's fine. We give up. Just be you, my guy. You're cool now, OK?

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